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Hiring off duty police brings many advantageous.  Police have already been trained in law, ethics, duties and their obligations to both the state and the individual.  They are taught verbal judo, use of force and the options available to them.

Police bring with them the knowledge they are part of something larger.  Police bring their experience, training and presence.  Police know that there is backup available, and how, and when, to ask for assistance.

Off duty police are used in different jurisdictions for many things such as security at a gathering or private function, doorman at licensed venues (and to be clear this particular role is something we do not encourage, nor participate in - as there is a high risk of an adverse outcome doing such things), vehicle escorts for wide/long loads, property security and night watchman, personal security such as bodyguards or part of a protection team.

A great majority of operation police maintain a level of fitness not found in some private security.  Police understand realistic time management, and Murphy's law of security and policing - what can go wrong sometimes will go wrong.  In some jurisdictions it is possible to hire police, and police vehicles.  In other jurisdictions the Police often own their own vehicles, police department approved and kitted out.  They have the necessary accoutrements to do the job.  They have the knowledge and competence to be 'fit for task'.  They are a great choice.

To hire a local police officer, sheriff or deputy to assist with your security contact The Private Group Pty Ltd.  We are a licensed, insured and audited security provider.  We are networked world wide.

Email: policesecurity@theprivategroup.com.au

*online forms are available from the list to your left for 24/7 inquiries.  Your initial inquiry is free.

Phone +61 7 47788970 (International Call).  Please note our head office is in the AEST timezone, GMT +10.

Australia:  1300 966 103

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For police, sheriffs or deputies to apply to become listed with The Private Group Pty Ltd, for extra duties:

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